• Julian & Michaela

Not Feeling Excited about the Easing of Lockdown? You're Not Alone

If you're not feeling as excited by the prospect of lockdown ending as you think you should be, then you're not alone. There’s a tendency to assume that everyone is unequivocally upbeat about the easing of social restrictions. But this is not necessarily the case.

Some people are worried and anxious. Maybe lockdown has allowed them to put a hold on some of the problems they were facing in life prior to the rise of the epidemic. Perhaps the prospect of a return to the workplace is prompting feelings of fear and apprehension.

The restrictions may have provided an opportunity to make welcome changes to working habits, or have served as a reason not to make a difficult decision. Some people will now find themselves having to confront challenging situations or relationships.

Above all we should not forget those people who are grieving from a loss suffered during the epidemic. The pain and sense of unfairness they may be experiencing will endure for long after the memories of lockdown have faded.

We've written previously about the ways in which different personality types have responded to the social restrictions, and while complete isolation is not a good thing, the opportunity to spend more time in solitary pastimes or with immediate family will have been an unexpected bonus for some. For while some of us thrive on the cut-and-thrust of social interaction, the freedom from social pressures will have been a welcome release for others.

Many of our clients are facing dilemmas like these as restrictions ease - so please be mindful of your own responses and kind to yourself if you’re not feeling what you think you’re ‘supposed’ to be feeling.