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Practical Support and Guidance on Mental Health and Wellbeing

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There are some great resources out there on the web which are often very visual and can be taken in at a glance (see the examples above). We try to post information which we feel will be particularly helpful to our clients.

This information is not, of course, a substitute for the deeper understanding, self-exploration and reflective thinking that goes on in a counselling session, or which may come from reading a good book.

But it can serve as a useful reminder of the things which know we should be doing to help ourselves, presenting information in a simple, accessible and engaging way.

Recent posts have covered: the importance of emotions, ways of dealing with upsetting world events, tips on self-care and what you should be expecting from your relationships.

Our Facebook page also includes news about us: our book recommendations, our ways of working with clients and the resources we are developing to use in counselling sessions.

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