Yale University’s popular Science of Wellbeing Course is among a whole range of personal development courses the university is currently offering free of charge online.

The course aims to engage participants in a series of challenges designed to increase their sense of happiness. It is informed by the latest scientific research on how we can build more productive habits which support our mental wellbeing.

Michaela has just enrolled on the course herself and completed her first week of the ten week programme. The course places emphasis on practical strategies and self-reflection. Follow the link below:

'The Science of Wellbeing' offered by Yale

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the constant barrage of bad news in the media then take a break by paying a visit to the Something Positive website.

It focuses exclusively on the hundreds of selfless and often inspirational acts which are happening around the world right now, providing links to ‘enlightening coronavirus news updates’.

Recent good news stories include: billionaires donating huge amounts of money to help scientists find a cure for the virus; restaurants delivering 15,000kg of food to various charities; the Welsh postman who wears a different fancy dress costume each day to cheer up his customers.

For anyone interested in online learning during lockdown, there is currently an abundance of free courses on offer dealing with well-being and mental health. Both Open Learn & Future Learn offer a wide range of options (see our links below).

Courses vary in terms of their level & length of study. Some are more basic, ‘taster’ courses, whilst others involve study tasks & the opportunity to obtain a certificate at the end.

Examples of courses include Managing Mental Health and Stress, Understanding Anxiety and Depression, Thrive at Home (offering a better understanding of work/life balance), Mindfulness, Managing Relationships, Panic Attacks and What to Do About Them. You can explore these for yourself by clicking here:

Free courses at Open Learn

Short online courses at Future Learn