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A close and valued friend of Michaela’s who recently suffered a family bereavement was brave enough to agree to be interviewed for a podcast named My Condolences.

The podcast aims to explore people’s experiences of loss and Kate, herself a counsellor, was asked to reflect upon her grief journey so far.

If you have endured the loss of a loved one, you may well relate to much of what Kate has to say, particularly in relation to the reaction of others when someone we love dies. Kate describes feeling surprised and let down by the way some friends responded.

This is sadly, a common theme which clients raise during the therapy process. Many people find that even close friends can avoid contact after a bereavement as they simply don’t know what to say. Other clients talk about some of the insensitive things people say, in an attempt to make them ‘feel better’.

Kate has been courageous enough to share some of her experience of losing her beloved Step-Mum, Sue, in the podcast. Kate wanted to help raise awareness of what most people need when they are grieving - simply to be allowed to feel their grief, to be listened to and to know that people care.

You can hear Kate’s moving story by clicking the link below:

Kate Shares Her Experience of Loss on the My Condolences podcast

Yale University’s popular Science of Wellbeing Course is among a whole range of personal development courses the university is currently offering free of charge online.

The course aims to engage participants in a series of challenges designed to increase their sense of happiness. It is informed by the latest scientific research on how we can build more productive habits which support our mental wellbeing.

Michaela has just enrolled on the course herself and completed her first week of the ten week programme. The course places emphasis on practical strategies and self-reflection. Follow the link below:

'The Science of Wellbeing' offered by Yale