Specialising in Therapy for Anxiety, 

Self-Esteem, Loss & Couples


Anxiety, Fear and Panic

Anxiety, fear and panic can wreck our ability to enjoy life and wear us down both mentally and physically. Counselling will help you to develop coping strategies, understand the causes of worry and deal with the underlying emotions more effectively, reducing feelings associated with anxiety.

Low Self-Esteem or Self-Worth

Low self-esteem, or a sense of not ever being good enough, can cause feelings of anxiety, depression or lack of confidence. In therapy you will explore the sources of your beliefs about yourself and work on developing a greater sense of self-acceptance, self-belief and self-worth.

Grief and Bereavement

When someone dies, feelings of grief can be completely overwhelming. It is one of the most devastating experiences we ever face. Counselling can provide a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss these very difficult emotions openly and honestly, allowing you time to work through your grief and gradually adjust to your painful loss.

Relationship Problems for Individuals and Couples

You may have a relationship problem you want to deal with as a couple or individually. Maybe you're looking to improve your marriage, navigate your way through a divorce or suffering following the end of a relationship. In all these situations counselling can help you to deal with emotions and move forward.

Depression or Low Mood

Depression or low mood can destroy our pleasure in everyday life and is not always viewed sympathetically. Counselling will allow you to talk honestly about your feelings and explore possible underlying issues. Mindfulness strategies can also help to shift your perspective and live more fully in the present.


Loss is a form of bereavement and can be triggered by many of life’s challenges. Examples include: loss of a relationship through break-up, divorce or family change; loss of purpose through retirement or redundancy; loss of identity due to the ageing process or health problems. Counselling can help you to navigate these difficult cross-roads in your life-journey.


Stress is so much a part of modern living that it can build up to intolerable levels before we realise something is wrong. Even then it often takes someone like a therapist to help us to recognise the causes of stress in our lives. 


Left unchecked stress can be detrimental to our physical as well as our mental health and well-being. It can also spill over into feelings of anxiety and panic which can undermine our confidence and intensify feelings of not being able to cope.

Imagine an ageing bridge which for many years has carried traffic over a river but which is now beginning to strain under the burden. During its lifespan it has carried large number people and vehicles without any apparent problem. But when the strain becomes  too much it only takes one last vehicle tto bring it crashing down. 

Stress can be like this. Our conscious mind can only hold onto so much information at any one time. If we start to overload it with information then there will come a point at which it just won't be able to cope any more. Just as with that bridge it may take something minor to tip the balance. Emotional overload 


Counselling will give you insight into the reasons for your stress and help you to manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions more effectively. We can also work on mindfulness and relaxation techniques with you to help you feel more mentally calm and physically relaxed.