Counselling at the Coast with

Michaela & Julian Gill

Whitley Bay Therapy

We are Michaela and Julian Gill, both BACP registered counsellors,

 offering one-to-one therapy and couples counselling for issues

including anxiety, self-esteem, relationship problems and bereavement


About Us

We are husband and wife and share

a private counselling  practice

in Whitley Bay,

with on-road parking and nearby

metro stations.

We each work one-to-one with clients 

and have our own specialisms,

including Couple Counselling with Julian.

For individual counselling we offer a

free initial consultation.


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Offering In-Person, Video-Link or
Walk & Talk Counselling


Specialising in Counselling for Anxiety, 

Self-Esteem, Loss & Relationship Issues

Anxiety, Panic
& Stress

Anxiety, fear and panic can wreck our ability to enjoy life and wear us down both mentally and physically. Long-term stress can undermine our well-being, We will help you to develop coping strategies, understand the causes of worry and deal with the underlying emotions more effectively, reducing feelings associated with anxiety and stress.

All Forms of

Loss can be triggered by many of life’s challenges. Examples include: loss of a relationship through break-up, divorce or family change; loss of purpose through retirement or redundancy; loss of identity due to the ageing process or health problems. We can help you to navigate these difficult cross-roads in your life-journey.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Low self-esteem, or a sense of not ever being good enough, can cause feelings of anxiety, depression or lack of confidence. In your counselling sessions with us you will explore the sources of your beliefs about yourself and work on developing a greater sense of self-acceptance, self-belief and self-worth. 

Relationship &
Couples Issues

We work with individuals and couples experiencing relationship problems. You may be looking to improve your partnership, navigate your way through a break-up, or deal with the the emotional fall-out from a relationship which has just ended. In all these situations counselling can help you manage your emotions and move forward.

& Grief

When someone dies feelings of grief can be completely overwhelming. It is one of the most devastating experiences we ever face. We will provide a safe, non-judgemental space to discuss these very difficult emotions openly and honestly, allowing you time to work through your grief and gradually adjusting to your painful loss.

Low Mood or

Depression or low mood can destroy our pleasure in everyday life and is not always viewed sympathetically. Counselling will allow you to talk honestly about your feelings and explore possible underlying issues. Mindfulness strategies can also help to shift your perspective and live more fully in the present.